Every item of jewellery is crafted from first sketch to final polish by artisan jeweller Isla Wishart,running an ethical and sustainable jewellery business has always been forefront of Isla’s vision.


All items are hand crafted and can be customised in many ways from chain length to stone colour.

To discuss your bespoke alterations Contact Me


A Fairtrade Foundation Registered Jeweller since 2018.

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The real story...... Did you know that my Tears of Joy necklace was not actually inspired by joyful tears but ones of pain and sorrow.... I lost my father at 14 which nearly broke me, so when when I lost my mother at 28 I thought I'd cry forever, I'd lost my best friend, my home & everything dear to me, I was failing my university degree and had no where to go except my damp infested basement flat which had suddenly become my permanent home 200 miles and more from any of my childhood friends and anyone who knew what was going on in my real life. Things weren't great.... Just under a year later I met someone, a man who made those tears give way to smiles and laughter, tears of joy. I have kept him close ever since ♥ I have been reading something lately to tell my "heart story" what if its not a good one or a happy one, what if people don't like it? I fear... But like sorrow it's time to let go of fear and share the story's of where my jewellery designs comes from, often a deep thinking raw side of my persona I tend to keep hidden under a jovial exterior I once read a quote, that said to know true happiness you must experience true sadness for one is not without the other.... 2 sides of the same coin... I have been quiet lately on social media but sketching so many new designs, most of my new ideas form part of a sibling concept... Chalk and cheese, one and the other, sadness and joy.... Raw and Refined This Christmas I'm going to be releasing a very special Tears of Joy collection Followed in the new year by some exciting new sibling collections I hope you keep following me as I share what's inside my sketchbook, and my heart With love Isla xoxo . . . . . . @ecosse_eclat_jewellery #heartstory #tearsofjoy #ecosseeclatjewellery #ethicaljewelry #ethicallyproduced #fairtrade #slowfashion @theaestheticwaycourse #jewellery #handmade #handmadejewellery #EthicalFashion #ethical #silver #gold #ethicaljewellery #ecofriendly #necklace #mcr #manchesterjeweller #handmadebusiness #finejewellery #demifinejewellery #igjewelry #imissmymum #love #followme #jewelrydesign #jewellerydesigner #designerjewellery #designerjewlery